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individualized attention and high quality products you’ll fall in love with

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dynamic, engaging print media to help people and businesses look their very best

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whether for intimate home or professional office, create beautiful surroundings with framed fine art prints or canvases

Dory is a photographer, graphic designer, and artist living in Cedar Rapids, IA.

She specializes in birth and newborn photography; yet enjoys capturing about anything she can point her camera at.

No matter what type of photography you’re looking for, be it an intimate portrait session, headshots of your business team, or a ninja photographer to cover your event or conference, Dory is your gal!

Please take a look at her portrait portfolio to see if her style is what you’re looking for to capture your memories.

Dory is a fabulous graphic designer; she enjoys creating dynamic, engaging print media to help people and businesses look their very best.

Try not to slip on the blood, sweat, and tears as you browse through her work.


Dory is a portrait   photographer specializing in birth and newborn photography. She is an on-location, natural light embracing photographer.

Families interested in documenting their evolution will find that Dory’s photography accurately captures every unique quirk, smile, and expression.

She also enjoys capturing many other different subjects including fine art, nature, pets, events, families, maternity, babies, kids, seniors, engagements, and weddings.

Dory is also an exceptional fine art photographer. She truly enjoys creating art that make anyone’s surrounding beautiful, be it their home or office. Her fine art prints look stunning in any professional office such as doctors, lawyers, or executives.


Dory first got interested in photography when her father gave her a 110 camera at about 12 years of age. She discovered her love of photography while earning her   AA from Kirkwood Community College in Graphic Communications in 2005.

She investigated her passion, diligently practiced, and gradually acquired way more photography equipment than a hobbyist should. It officially switched from a hobby to an occupation around fall 2010 when she did her first paid photo shoot.

She made it super duper   lawyer official in 2014 when the green cheetah photo&design was born as an LLC.

About Dory

Due to her   hearing loss, Dory uses CaptionCall service for voice calls. That just means when you call her, what you say is captioned on a screen on her CaptionCall phone. Pretty groovy, huh?!

There are many other ways to   chat with her at the top of the page, or   send her a message from here.

Born and raised in Coldwater, MI, Dory came to Cedar Rapids, IA in 1994. She married the man of her dreams in 1995 and popped out a couple of sons in 1996 and 1999.

After family, photography is her main passion, and not a day goes by that she doesn’t shoot, think about shooting, or learn something new about her craft. Get to know Dory!

little movie (only two minutes) showcasing some of dory’s favorite projects

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