Your session fee is due upon beginning of your session. Cash or check works great. I do have a PayPal card swiper, but it adds a fee on the transaction that cash/check do not.

We’ll meet and get started right away to give you the most of your session.

I’m going to have you to sign a model release.

We’ll do shots with whatever props, if any, you’ve brought first, then concentrate on shots with just you.

Before we part, we’ll set the date and location of your choice for your proofs reveal meeting.

I take approximately eleventy bizillion pictures during your session. Your proofs are the images after I cull for blur, blinks, and general nopeness. (That’s totally a word; spellcheck will vouch for me.) They will be almost straight from the camera with no edits, just some global editing for the environment that day.

I’ll leave you with a form to help you write down who will want prints or products, and a happy anticipation for your proofs reveal meeting!

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