Documenting you and your new baby’s birth story is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Describing a brand new life entering the world with images is an amazing, awesome, staggering experience.

I would be honored to chronicle the birth of your tiny new baby’s debut into this ginormous world.

There are details that you’ll forget as you’ll be extremely busy just laboring at getting that kid OUT. This will be pretty much the only thing on your mind; GET. IT. OUT.

dry erase board at hospital
baby on board!

I’ll be there to catch every detail I can…

you white-knuckle clenching your partner’s hand, hospital bands encircling your wrists… the paper coming off the fetal monitor machine as it shows baby’s heartbeat…   you and your partner’s faces touching as they encourage you… you’re doing so well, you can do this, keep it up, I’m so proud of you

fetal monitor
fetal monitor beeping and ticking

the board they write on to show your nurse, your doctor, and special instructions…

the flurry of activity when suddenly it’s go time

and finally, finally, your baby is here, really here, and they’re cutting the cord, putting the baby on your chest, and you finally get to do what you’ve wanted to do since that pregnancy test came back positive…

you finally see that tiny face for the first time.

You’re going to want to book me no later than 30 weeks!


You’re putting me on call a week before and a week after your due date. I need to be able to still book other clients but let them know they should book a second date just in case I end up by your side (or wherever you want me) when I’m scheduled to be giving them their session! Babies don’t look at calendars; when it’s time, IT’S TIME, and it’s on their schedule!

Make sure you tell your doctor as soon as you possibly can that you want me to be a part of your birth plan. They’re usually very cool with that as long as they have some advance notice. Also, as soon as you arrive at the hospital, please remind your nurse that I’m part of your birth plan, and ask her to tell the doctor on call if they’re not your doctor.

Also know that when you have me photograph your birth experience, you’re taking a lot of pressure off your partner. Now they don’t have to remember to snap a pic with their phone or where’s that damn camera and instead they can concentrate on encouraging you.

Because of the unpredictability of labor, it’s hard to nail down a price for a birth session. You might call me when you’re at 6cm, have labor stall out, and have me there for many hours, and I’m going to stay there for you. Or you might call me at 5cm, (and I drive 90mph, then have a hard time finding your room) and you go so fast I barely catch the birth. Or, baby might be early! Baby sets the schedule, obviously! We’re at their mercy!

Bottom line, I’ll need $100 deposit on the session to put your date in pen on the calendar. Then after the birth, we’ll settle up later. I loosely base my regular prices at about $150/hour but you have me basically on call, as well as my clients who are scheduled inside your two week timeframe. Contact me. We’ll work it out. If you’re as passionate about capturing the birth as I am, we’ll make it work.

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