get to know dory

It might be nice to know who that chick is that’s pointing the camera at you.

Hint: it’s Jenness “Dory” Asby of the green cheetah photo&design.

So let’s hear from the artist herself.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version:

I am a…
Phenomenal wife.
Bewildered mom.
Driven artist.
Ninja photographer.
Graphic Artist.
ADD-addled spaz.
Empathic introvert.
Deaf chick.
Aspiring writer.
Guano whacknut.
Not necessarily in that order.
I juggle a husband, two sons, Zaya & Mika; two Jack Russell Terriers, Elli & Erin, and four chickens (yes, chickens). I do all this while heroically coping with a powerful addiction to Photoshop, my iPhone, and social media.

Here’s the Encyclopedia Britannica:

I’m a wife, and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it. I’ve been married for 21 years to my very best friend, Tom. He often comes on my shoots to assist me.

I’m a sometimes proud, sometimes exasperated mom. We have two boys (men? man-childs? this is hard!), 17 and 20, and I’ve been a completely bewildered mother ever since the first one slipped out of the escape hatch and I remain completely bewildered to this day. Sometimes I think parenthood is one big opportunity for improvisation.

I’m Deaf but I’m still learning ASL, so I have the passport but it’s not stamped yet, and I wish that everyone signed and that I could sign better than I do. I have hearing aids and they help but they’re not miracle workers so I rely pretty heavily on speechreading. That’s observing environment, lip-reading, and body language. It’s not fun; it’s frustrating.

I’m a photographer, a graphic designer, a writer (and ok, by writer, I actually mean blogger), and completely ADD-addled; hence, Dory.

I’m totally addicted to Apple anything, Photoshop, social media, a good merlot, reading, quilting, glass cutting, and shopping on Amazon, not necessarily in that order. And I completely freak out if I don’t know where my iPhone is.

If you want any links to my profiles in social media, just look at the bar above and you’ll see a set of icons there. So now you should “Follow” me or “Friend” me or “Like” me or just bite the head off my chicken and wear it as a hat or whatever you kids do to *pathetically whines* beeeeee myyyyyy frieeeeeeend.

What I like to shoot

Ah, almost anything. I first got interested in photography when my father gave me a 110 camera at about 12 years of age. I got very serious about it when I was in college for graphic design in 2004. It officially switched from a hobby to an occupation around fall 2010 when I did my first paid photo shoot.

I love to catch the first moment of a baby’s life; when the doctor catches them and puts them on Mom’s chest and she finally gets to see the face she’s dreamed about since the positive pregnancy test.

I love to catch a newborn’s little smile. Yeah, they say it’s just gas, but it’s fun to wonder what they’re dreaming about.

I love to catch newly engaged couples who can’t keep their hands off each other and can’t stop smiling and just looking at each other all googly-eyed in looooooove.

I love to catch couples getting married, all the little details that make them and their ceremony and reception uniquely theirs.

I love to catch families interacting, playing; each member brings their own quirks and smiles.

I love to catch a senior’s pride; they’re ten foot tall and bulletproof and justthisclose from being unleashed into the real world. And they have no idea what the real world is; they think they do, but they don’t. But you can’t tell them that. 😉

I love to catch an event’s essence; why have they gathered? What are they doing? I love being the ninja photographer, grabbing details and candids and keynote speakers and excited attendees.

Oh, dear Lord, I love this stuff. I live for this.

Artsy-fartsy shots

I like to capture subjects that almost anyone would like to hang in their home. I have a vast portfolio of beautiful images; landscapes, flowers, vegetables, anything that makes someone smile. Check out my fine art portfolio for something that will look amazing on any of your walls. I’m also a graphic designer. Let me know if one of my images catches your eye and I can add a saying.


I do outdoor on-location, natural light photography. I like to use any beautiful location as a backdrop. Cedar Rapids has many city parks that work just great for this purpose. I also have both constant light and speed light equipment to be ready for anything.


I’d like to get into corporate portraits and sell stock photography. I’d like to have my own studio and have lots of groovy photography equipment to fill it up.

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