my style

I guess you could say I have a lifestyle approach.

I’m good with posing, sure.

But the really good stuff comes out when a family is just playing together, having fun. After the posed shot, when the kids relax their faces and look real. When a smoochy engaged couple thinks I’m not looking. When I just follow a busy toddler around as they discover more about the world around them. 

I really like to be a ninja photographer.

Let’s just get this out of the way

I’m not a shoot-burn-release photographer. I don’t release my files to be printed at local kiosks.

However, for any image you order at least an 8″x10″ print, I do give you the screen quality image with a small watermark in the corner that’s just perfect for keeping on your phone and sharing on social media. This is a screen quality image, not a print quality image. You won’t be able to print it out.

I’m a professional photographer

You get what you pay for

You want a cheap photographer that will snap a few images, not edit them, burn them onto a disc, and abandon you? There’s plenty of those to be found in Facebook buy/sell/trade groups. 

I charge a session fee. I carefully edit images individually that you want to order prints and products of. You’ll get to see and approve the edits before the order is submitted. I stay alongside of you every step of the way, from choosing date and location to delivery of products. I want you happy and satisfied with our partnership!

I’m not just a photographer, I’m an artist

Fine Art painters use their favorite paint (my money says it’s probably not Rose Art Watercolors) and high quality canvas. Fine Art photographers invest thousands of dollars in carefully chosen equipment and professional labs with the best quality colors and archival papers.

You’re my subject

You have a special moment to celebrate, you chose me, and you deserve the best work I can give you.

picky photographers choose professional labs

For your art that will be lovingly looked at time and time again by you, your children, your grandchildren, and maybe even your great-grandchildren, you deserve the best. And I want to give that to you.

It’s incredibly important to me that the images I create for you be printed by a professional lab in order to get the very best possible portraits that will be proudly displayed in your home for years.

When it came time to choose a professional photo lab, I did my homework.

I sent 5 files to 6 different labs across the nation that cater specifically to professional photographers and ordered 8″x10″s of each file. I chose each file for different characteristics; details, black and white, high key (image with mostly light colors), low key (image with mostly dark colors), and true skin tones.

I compared each print closely, looking for good tonal range and true color representation. I wanted to see that the color work I did on each image looked as close as possible between what was on my 4K Retina display and what was ultimately printed.

Of each professional lab, I considered quality, overall affordability, shipping prices and practices, and product range.

I ultimately chose my winner and that is from whom you’ll be receiving your prints and products. I’m confident that their quality will blow you away.

I then also used those same files to buy 8″x10″s from Walmart, CVS, and Walgreen’s.

The differences were shocking!

It reinforced my resolve that I do not want my art printed at these kiosks.

They can be fine for everyday shots, but they can’t reproduce my images on print at even near the quality of any of the professional labs. I think this is because they don’t have trained professionals looking at every print that comes off, making slight adjustments as they see fit, and their machines are rarely calibrated correctly or often as they should be.

images to share with friends and family

Then: flip open a wallet or whip out a little plastic album

Now: turn on phone, hold it up, and swipe

All that said, I do recognize that you’ll want to be able to keep your images from our session on your phone and share them on social media, as would I.

So of each image you print at least 8″x 10″, I’ll give you the screen quality image with a small watermark in the corner that will look great on your phone and social media but will not have high enough resolution to be printed.