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So… who’s in?

computational zoom – peta pixel

Dory likes “‘Computational Zoom’ Lets You Remix Focal Lengths for Impossible Photos” – Peta Pixel

computational zoom – peta pixelTraditional photography involves choosing a focal length and position before snapping a shot. A new technology called “computational zoom” will allow photographers to remix those two factors afterward to create not only new compositions, but physically impossible ones.

Source: ‘Computational Zoom’ Lets You Remix Focal Lengths for Impossible Photos – keep reading

[Dory – Wow! This looks super cool! Definitely something I’d like to try to do!]

Here we go!

I’ve had this website over a year now and have never written a blog post. Bad Dory! I guess the best way to start out is by telling you what I can do for you!   I help people and businesses look their very best! Let me know what I can do to help you!

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